Syringe Pumps 

High precision, stable and reliable

Multi-CPU monitoring, high-precision injection, stable and reliable Driven by precision stepper motor drive to avoid pulse waves during low-speed injection

Injection modes to meet clinical needs

  • 注射模式
    Up to 10 injection modes, including time, weight, sequence, cascade mode, etc.
  • 海量存储
    Mass storage of drug library and patient information

Foldable screen within reach

6.2 Large touch screen operation Intuitive numerical display with vivid color, lifelike injection curve display


Dynamic pressure monitoring,

Anti-Bolus self-release system
Real-time pressure monitoring, audio, and visual alarms, and automatic pressure release.

Infusion Pumps

Strive for perfection, accurate infusion

High quality motor with dual sensor detection accuracy;
Dual CPU, real-time monitoring of infusion process
Suitable for different clinical departments, especially NICU

Safe operation, alarm alerts

Bubble detection: reducing the risk of air embolism caused by bubbles entering the body. Patented anti-bolus system, one hand operation, with linkage mechanism and self-locking function Automatically detects whether the door is closed properly. High-precision pressure sensors with sensitive alarms. Dual monitoring of infusion flow with standard drop sensor

Advanced performance,
automatic detection

Photoelectric detection technology for smooth and low-speed titration

Automatic detection door control system Sensitive ultrasound probe to prevent bubbles from entering the body Provides lighting when door is opened, for night use

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