Our unique experience of  healthcare solutions allowed KANZ limited to manufacture the latest state of the art technology healthcare covering ICU, OR care, neonate solution

KANZ limited offers complete telecommunication solutions ranging from corporate communication all the way to infrastructure network solution


KANZ Limited provides the most advanced networking, security, and telecommunication solutions based on the latest state-of-the-art technology covering a wide range of applications.
KANZ is a fully licensed GPS fleet management, with more than 10000 subscribers providing not only tracking solutions but above all Fleet Management.


We aim to provide simple and most cost-effective solutions for all telecommunications needs and business management, allowing mobility, ease of access, and simple to maintain solutions.
KANZ  offers integrated solutions for all sort of applications, including but not limited to hotels, airlines, corporate solutions, commerce, and all areas where communications and security are required


KANZ Limited is a high-tech company established in 2002 and fully licensed to operate GPS fleet management solutions by the Telecommunication regulatory authority.
Our main objective is to provide Unified and secure communication solution to our clients with mobility and quick access, no matter where you are you can be secure and achieve the most reliable communications systems

 KANZ Team

KANZ team holds a variety of degrees such as Ph.D., BS, and MS and has a lot of field experience. The consulting team has more than 20 years of health care, and telecommunication solutions

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