Specialized Monitor

Specialized monitoring for various challenging environments

  • Strong, stable, waterproof, dustproof, anti-fall and shockproof
  • Small and lightweight, easy to carry
  • Equipped with a specialized bag for first aid monitoring, including an accessory management bag and a first aid equipment storage bag
  • Suitable for emergency scene, out-of-hospital transport, intra-hospital transport, bedside monitoring in the emergency department

Stand-alone as a transport monitor

Connected to C70 and C90 as a plug-in module to achieve the integrated management of monitoring information for patient admission and discharge

Intensive Care Monitor

Extensive parameter monitoring

In addition to the conventional six parameters, slots for AG, ICG, IBP, BIS, C.O., EtCO2 and other functional modules are also available to meet the clinical needs of the operating room and various ICUs.

Strong anti-interference capability

  • Dual anti-interference of hardware and software
  • To provide clear waveform when used in the OR/ICU
  • All-in-one module design
  • ASIC Medical Diagnostic Grade Chip
  • Surgery mode, ST segment mode

Information interconnection

Mixed networking with other models of KANZ monitors to connect to the central workstation

Connect to HIS, CIS, and other information systems of hospitals

Form iWork-OR and Smart-OR

Innovation starts from the hear

  • Innovative split design of display and monitoring module to change the existing monitoring mode
  • High-end parameter modules can be loaded freely to meet the needs of various clinical departments.
  • 19-inch wide screen high-definition LCD touch screen, suitable for long-distance ward-rounding and recording
  • Make full use of the space, neat, tidy and aesthetically pleasing

Vital Signs Monitor

Convenient and accurate measurement

  •  Non-contact infrared pyroelectric measurements
  •  Built-in RF communication, wireless data transmission
  •  Rapid blood pressure measurement technique
  •  Quick switch between patient types
  •  Rapid Masimo SPO2 measurement

Quality products in line with your expectations

  • 50 sets of blood pressure measurement datastorage
  • Lithium battery with 12+ hours of continuous operation

Small, lightweight, and durable

  • The whole machine weighs only 1.25kg
  • 6-inch ultra-high-resolution color LED screen
  • Optional high-end trolley
  • Can withstands a 1.2m drop test
  • Liquid protection grade IPX1

Bedside Monitor

All-in-one Multifunctional Monitor

With six basic parameters, the Z series is also added with high-end parameters such as end-tidal carbon dioxide, invasive blood pressure, invasive cardiac output, non-invasive cardiac output, depth of anesthesia, and anesthesia gas, to fully meet the monitoring needs of general clinical departments and sub-critical care units.

ASIC Chip comprehensive core care

In hardware configuration, we provide full “core” care, using ADI’s Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chip instead of conventional components. It is a chip designed specifically for monitoring and diagnostic ECG measurements.

Central monitoring solutions

Powerful network capabilities, providing comprehensive networking solutions, allowing you to break the limits of time and space, access to patient information anytime and anywhere to improve work efficiency

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